The UK's

Largest Christmas tree

Cheshire Oaks

With over 400,000 feet of retail space, Cheshire Oaks is the UK’s first and largest Designer retail outlet.

It is fitting then that Springfield rose to the challenge of creating a Christmas showstopper that has become a talking point, visitor attraction and visual focus each Christmas.

This giant artificial Christmas tree is 27.5metres tall (90 ft), 10 metres in diameter (32ft), weighs 18 tonnes and takes a week to build. It is decorated with more than 8.5 kilometres (5 miles) of fairy lights, 100,000 bulbs, 1,000 football-sized red baubles and 20,000 smaller ones. It is a structural engineering feat of precise calculations and specifications requiring 3 kilometres (1.2 miles) of cabling and half a tonne of nuts and bolts.

To add to this unique spectacle, Springfield converted the tree to enable shoppers to walk through the inside of the tree’s interior to view the impressive constellation of lights.


Creative Solution


Project Management


Installation & Takedown


Storage Solution

Visitors were as thrilled with the outcome as we were. Springfield are masters at instilling the Christmas spirit through their installation and turnkey service.